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    When is the official launch? Est. 03/27/2023
  2. 2.
    What will the listing price ? Will be announced close to the IDO as it depends on ETH price.
  3. 3.
    How to take part in public sale ? To be eligible for Public Sale either of the two has to be done: 1. Stake ARBPAD token as per their Tier stucture 2. Apply for our Whitelist event for non stakers
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    How to know about roadmap? Roadmap
  5. 5.
    Is there any private round? Yes, Token locked for 1 year for private round, At TGE only Public will have token.
  6. 6.
    Will the token listing happen in other DEX? Yes, SushiSwap
  7. 7.
    How does the AI farm?ing work? ZenithSwap leads the way in using AI to maximize protocol's revenue from farming pools by collecting data from various chains and making the right plan. Protocol profits in the pending allocation will be farmed by AI cross bridge in the most profitable and secure stable coin pools. AI dashboard will show all transactions, pool farms that AI is using as well as rating, farm time, end time and estimated profit. Later on, $ZSP token holders can vote on the direction of AI development through ZenithSwap governance (ZenithSwap DAO).
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    How much APY you will provide? Will be disclosed at launch.

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